Wednesday, May 04, 2005


I have several girlfriends in the same boat at this particular time - the boyfriend boat. Luckily for me i've never been happier - but i swear it must be a full moon because issues and chaos are coming out of the woodwork in the shape of boyfriend trouble.

Girls - there are a few rules to live by - they've worked for me and i'm sure they'll work for you.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

You're fabulous - don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. Period. Tell anyone who thinks opposite to bugger off.

You're beautiful. Yes, you are, so hush.

Be selfish. It's okay. I know it's not in your nature - but you're allowed. Stop trying to please everyone else and take some time for yourself. Say no. Be busy when you're not. Go on, try it, trust me - it feels gooooood.

Pamper pamper pamper. Seriously girls - indulge yourself - buy something yummy and decadent - something girly - or whatever makes you feel better. For me - it's a new handbag - or jewelry - or cashmere - or a new nightie - or a delicious get the point.

If it's not working out - move on. Period. He won't change. Really, he won't.

You're worth it. Stop making allowances for people who don't measure up to your standards.

Set expectations. Minimum standards for yourself and of those you invite into your life.

Prioritize your life (that is actually written in lipstick ((bobbi brown burgundy - fabulous color)) at the top of the mirror in my closet as a daily reminder). Keep what you like - get rid of what you don't. Occasionally that happens to be people. So be it. Bye bye.

Smile. People like being around happy people. Smiling also makes you look prettier - so get to smiling.

Smell good. It's a proven fact that men find those who smell appealing something like 20% more attractive than those who have no 'smell'. You're at a charity event with your darling girlfriend - you're both chatting up a handsome man - he catches a whiff of your perfume and - voila - you're now 20% more attractive than her. Just make sure you smell delicious. I have 2 scents i wear - neither of which i will divulge - but let's just say - men love them. meow.

Wear heels. Not clunky low heels - but high sexy skinny heels. Kitten heels also work. Mules and slingbacks especially. Unless you're on your feet all day - and i mean all day like a sales girl or something - wear heels.

You're important and unique and and you have to love yourself. Truly.

Bottom line - do what you need to do to make yourself happy. Change what needs to be changed - go see a shrink - work it out - go to the gym - get a little botox - buy something extravagant - drink champagne for 'non-special' occasions - laugh a lot - cry when you need to - life is simply too short to be miserable and the longer you stay with the man or job or haircut or whatever that's making you unhappy - the less likely it is that you're going to find the man or job or stylist that will.

So my darling girls - you know who you are - you know i love you - and i want the best for you - i just hope you want the best for yourself.

Kisses - K

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