Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Wide Awake

Insomnia again. Such fun. This sucks. I've been up for about an hour - give or take.

Heading back to NY at the end of the month for a week. So looking forward to it. Have plans to see friends - look at apartments - do the usual Soho brunch/shopping/cocktail crawl. My dear friend - matt has moved to NY with his boyfriend jeremy from london. I am so excited to see them again - rich and i saw them in february - dinner at pastis - drinks another night - just so thrilled they're going to be living there. Nice to have a built in social circle once i move...

Work is a bit crazy - a lot of international deals. Sinapore - Sydney - Sweden - UK - Spain. It's going well. It's a little intense - but it's going well.

I would call rich - but he didn't get a lot of sleep last night and i don't want to wake him - but - it is almost 8am in NY - maybe i'll call.

I'm off - can't take much more of this - i think i'll just toss and turn for a while...oh joy.

Night - or morning - all - K

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