Friday, May 13, 2005

Catching up

It's friday and i'm working from home. I was going to go get my nails done - but i'll do that tomorrow. Took 2 conference calls this am and then fielded a bunch of work - put two deals to bed and got 3 more in. Not bad.

I'm supposed to go out tonight - have cocktails with friends. This weekend is supposed to be a really busy one - out tonight - shopping tomorrow - out tomorrow night as well and then the 'bay to breakers' on sunday. It's a fairly famous race - everyone does it - and the majority of the people who go don't run - it's more social than anything. There are the real runners - and there are the crazy people who 'run' after them. Every year people show up in the craziest outfits - there are the usual naked runners - the centipedes - the elvis's - nuns - babies - basically - it's like halloween if you ran a race while out partying. Last year our group had a shopping cart filled with alcohol - so needless to say - our group was quite popular. The only problem - if you lose your friends - you better make some new ones quickly because the chance of you finding them again is nil. There are thousands of people.

When i had insomnia the other night - i did end up calling rich and we talked for a while - until i was able to fall asleep. We talked about everything - and it's so comforting knowing that no matter what time - i can call him and he's there.

I'm heading back to NY - spending a week there - so looking forward to it. We're going to be looking at apt's while i'm there and have an appt at our 'number 1 choice' the day after i arrive. I personally like Soho - and the upper east side and the upper west side come in 2nd and 3rd. But honestly - it's going to be the place that dictates the location not the other way around. If we find a fabulous place on the west side - then i'll be there - i'm not married to any specific location. I'm just anxious to get there...

Mother's day was wonderful - we had brunch at the country club in napa with my sister's 'family in law' (her mother in law - father in law and sister in law). Brunch was lovely - even though it was raining heavily - sammy and i spent the majority of the time playing and i fed cole for my sister. My brother in law's sister was a wretch as usual - she's just a miserable person. I contradicted her about something nearly 2 years ago - and she hasn't spoken a word to me since. It's hysterical. I really don't bother with her - she's just generally a very unhappy person. It actually works out that she acts like such a twit - she had wanted to 'hang out' before this all happened - and now - obviously - i don't have to dodge that bullet. Anyway... gave my sister a beautiful antique porcelain dish and my mom a set of gorgeous etched glasses. I also gave holly's mother in law a small book of walking tours of paris - as she and her husband leave on the 20th for 3 weeks. She loved it!

Brunch lasted for several hours and then we all said our goodbyes. Rich called while i was in the car with my parents heading back to marin - we talked for a bit - and then he had to return to his own mothers day dinner which sounded like a lot of fun. Once he got home that night - he called and we spent some time on the phone - comparing notes and catching up on our day.

This week was terribly busy - very hectic. A lot of international deals - a lot of pressure. It's going very well - but it's a lot to juggle. I'm glad the week is over. Thankfully - i have no deals closing in the first 3 days of this coming week - which gives me some breathing room.

All else is well - things could not be better with rich and me. I've never been happier. He's amazing. I truly feel so lucky to have found someone who is so attentive - affectionate - loving - hysterical - smart - passionate and always there for me. It doesn't matter how busy he is - if he's in the middle of work - or rushed - he makes the time. And - i do the same for him. Relationships are not easy - they take work - and my personal feeling is if you aren't in it with the same goals - ideals - values and respect - it will never work. I'm reminded daily how good we are together - and how much i want to be with him. I could gush some more - about how lucky we are - about how much i love him - and how we feel about eachother - but i think this is enough for now.

Time to wrap things up with my work week - i'll try and post mid-weekend.

Meow - K

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