Monday, September 19, 2005

Great weekend

I drank a bit too much on Friday night - it was Kevin's birthday - 35 - and we went to a restaurant in SF called "SuppenKuche" - it's an authentic german restaurant - the menu barely translatable - full of schnitzel, spatzle, sauerbraten, bratwurst and beer - that i understood. BEER. I'm not a huge beer drinker - more of a nice leggy pinot or cab girl - or an icy grey goose and tonic with a lot of lime. But when in rome...

There were ten of us at dinner - we had the large table in back - there is no formality here - it's open seating - you share your table with other diners when necessary - it's loud - the rooms filled with laughter and the clinking of glasses - smooth planked tables - benched seating and dried flowers and wheat hanging from the ceiling. Our group was large enough to have our own area - while we waited for the last 3 to arrive - we orded our first round of beers. I had the spaten. The beer is so fresh there - amazing - makes me actually appreciate a cold beer. The guys ordered HUGE steins of beer which held probably 3-4 pints of beer each. I finished the spaten pretty quickly - and while we ordered appetizers we ordered our second rounds and i got my tipsy little hands on one of those bad boys. I had to hold it with 2 hands - it was too heavy to drink like a regular beer. Once everyone arrived and the appetizers were finished we ordered dinner - which was delicious and another round of beer. We also opened the champagne i brought for Kevin and everyone toasted to his birthday.

After dinner - we stumbled - literally - over to the bar area - trying to organize and decide where to go next. We decided on a little dive called Place Pigalle down the street. It was kind of a hole in the wall - dark - with sunken couches and beat up coffee tables - 2 pool tables in the back and a long battered bar along one wall. We commandeered the L shaped section at the end of the bar - near the front door and ordered more rounds of drinks. And then more. People began to say their goodbye's and head home. Kevin still wanted to party - for good reason - so we put our sights on Balboa. I never made it though - too much to drink - my feet were killing me (damn stiletto's) - and i was tired and wasn't interesting in partying anymore. I called rich on my way home - he was laughing because he could tell from my voice how much i'd had to drink. I fell into bed around 1am.

Saturday was recovery - i was hung over. Big time. So i popped some advil - drank lots of water and chilled on the couch. I didn't feel better until that evening and while i had offers to go out - i decided to stay in. I saw the movie the Grudge a few weeks ago - i love scary movies - and this didn't disappoint. Very scary - creepy actually. It's a take on the japanese film - Ju-On - which means Grudge (from my understanding) - about a murder/suicide that happened in a house - the spirits stayed at the house - and take out their pain and suffering on all those who enter. Well, i've heard the japanese version was even more frightening - and it was on - so while rich was out at a friend's birthday party in the Village - i turned off all the lights - lit candles - sunk into my couch - and watched the movie. It was definitely scary - and i could totally see how they americanized the version with sarah michelle gellar. I'd recommend both actually.

Sunday i headed over to the farmer's market - there is one right near me - and bought some fresh peaches, strawberries, some organic field greens and 2 croissants. MMM. Went home - fussed about and then headed out to one of my favorite stores - they were having a huge sale and i couldn't pass it up. I've talked about this secret store before - the most decadent gorgeous designer goods at a fraction - literally a Fraction of the cost in the stores. I got a gorgeous watch - it looks like a sterling silver rectangular pill box - topped with 2 small carved flowers with center stones flanked by a pearl - and it has an alligator band. Very very pretty - i think it was originally marked at over $400 - i bought it for $41. But the best deal i found were the Christian Dior boots - MEOW - so fucking hot - over $1,200 in the stores - i picked them up for under $200. What more could a girl ask for. Um - could those BE any sexier??

I got a few other things - almost purchased a pair of D&G stiletto's but passed - but i did pick up a darling little top - sprinkled with opalescent sequins at the botton. Very cute.

My parents called and asked me to join them for dinner. My uncle bill is in town and i hadn't seen him in a while so i thought that would be great - my sister/her husband and the babies were having dinner with friends and we would all meet up afterwards. I headed to marin - we were going to meet in tiburon for chinese food - but it was closed so we went to Rooney's - great little local place. Had a nice dinner - met up with the babies afterward at the waterfront pizza place - and hung out. Played with the babies for a bit - the little one loves my hair - likes to hold it in his hands and rub it together - i think it's darling - but i end up with a knotted 'fro afterward once he gets done. We all said our goodbyes - i'm sure i'll see bill again before he leaves back to NY. Headed back home to SF with rich in my ear.

Work is crazy so that weekend was needed - i've got a charity event to go to on thursday - i'll update after that party - should be Fun!

Meow - K


Boogie said...

I wish I was there this past weekend again, though that pretty much describes every weekend we're apart...and I'm glad Kevin had a fun, memorable birthday :)

Can't wait to get you loaded on spaten and spetzel and give you the sauerbraten, if ya know what I mean ;-)

Kaia said...

Naughty!! :)