Thursday, September 29, 2005

It's Snowing!!

Well, not really - but Icer Air 2000 is in town - right up the street from my apartment - along with over 200 tons of snow (real snow - trucked in and also man-made from ice machines) - a group of the best snowboarders/skiers in the world - and the ever present (at least around my area) Jonny Moseley. So - today at noon - literally thousands of people are expected to watch Moseley and 20 other skiers and snowboarders ski down a snow covered ramp on Fillmore - soar off a ski jump at the Vallejo intersection - wow the crowd with midair tricks and - hopefully - land Green Street. Bales of hay will protect them from skiing into oncoming traffic if they can't stop in time. A lot of the residents of Pacific Heights are all bent out of shape because of the disruption - the 200+ tons of snow - the baracades - and all the people who will be in their little neck of the city. If you don't know - Pac Heights is the wealthiest area of SF - homes can go upwards of 15M - so to have 1000's hanging around your house - trampling what little lawn you might have - with the boarders pulling 360s past your multi-million dollar windows - yeah - i'd be a little peeved too - however - it's just too freaking cool to get worked up about.

Check out the photos i took this AM - sorry for the crappy camera phone pics - but it's the best i could do. Enjoy.

The ramp on Fillmore leading to the jump

That blurry mass at the bottom is the jump

Blowing fresh snow down the ramp

Shot of the making of the 10 foot high jump

I got invited to go to the after party - something private and fun with all the boarders - jonny - and interestingly enough from what i hear - jake gyllenhaal - but i'm passing - i'm not a snow bunny - i'm a city bunny...

Swish Swish Swish - K

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Krisco said...

That looks so cool.

As you can probably tell, I am a little wistful that at some point in my life so far I have not lived in SF. I lived in LA, but considered myself to be more an SF type, even though I only visited. But felt at home.

Anyway, thanks for the pics; those are fun.

(Um, and about that in an airport...perhaps *someone*'s not ready to be going somewhere soon....Just a little random internet interpretation of your dream. Sorry.)