Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Three Cheers for Insomnia

The bitch is back - and that bitch would be insomnia. I couldn't sleep last night - work is crazy - i'm getting my period - rich and i had a long talk (we're fine - just needed to hash some things out) - and the planning for this gala in Oct is beginning to take up even more time than i anticipated. I'm tired, exhausted, and yet I can't sleep. I'm supposed to go to dinner with friends tonight - a new restaurant - and i'm going to bail on the evening because i just need to sleep. I think i'm going to take Tylenol PM - see if that helps - maybe soak in a really hot bath. What's really bizarre is when i did finally wake up this AM after falling asleep for a few hours - i was crying. What the fuck. I've never woken up crying before. Weird dream about not being able to find my car - i was barefoot in an airport - but there were dentist's offices there - that geeky guy from that movie "can't buy me love" - can't remember his name - but now he's a total hottie on some tv show - he was a dentist - please - you know how dreams go - completely nonsensical. I think i'm just really stressed out - i've got 9 deals on my plate right now - plus another 5 that are closing the first week in Oct - and i guess my mind just can't settle.

I did buy myself something lovely though - a little treat at - one of my absolute favorite sites. Totally amazing and decadent - everything they have is like a little piece of luxury. I treated myself to a gorgeous, velvet-lined box of carved black ceramic housing 12 beautifully embossed notecards and envelopes with scallop detail at the corners.
So even though going crazy - at least i'll have pretty stationary to write on while locked up in the sanitarium.

I'm hoping this will pass soon...



Boogie said...

"Patrick Dempsey."

Hmmm...did I just give you the name of some hot guy you were dreaming about?

Musta been a long day here too ;)


Helena said...

Oh, that Vivre site is gonna cost me...thank you for showing me...Visa thanks you too...

Time to shop! You described it perfectly!