Monday, September 26, 2005

Separated at Birth

I wasted yesterday away watching tv - running errands - and napping. My last errand of the day was to do a little grocery shopping - nothing major - just needed a few things. I was waiting in line at the express checkout - and noticed a girl waiting in line at the next checkout aisle over. She looked EXACTLY like Shrek. So she didn't have the trumpet like ears - or the greenish skin tone - but her face looked exactly like his - just picture Shrek with long braids - et voila. I totally couldn't stop staring. So not nice - but damn - it's not often you see Shrek shopping at Safeway.

Poor honey. Someone needs to get her a spa day and a makeover.

1 comment:

Krisco said...

That is so sad. Poor thing! (I bet you are not the first to think so, only one nice enough not to point it out to her...Or maybe it was performance art? Eh, wishful thinking...)