Monday, March 07, 2005

The weekend summary

The weekend was very relaxing - did everything i wanted to do - with no agenda (except for shopping - but i'll get to that in a minute) - and no real plan other than to relax. Last week was very long - extremely busy - and rather pressure-filled - so the weekend was a nice and needed respite.

Friday night was quiet - got home a little later than usual after stopping at the grocery store - came home - changed into comfy clothes and wound down by talking to rich on the phone and flipping channels.

Saturday was an early rise with shopping on the agenda - picked the girls up - and headed to our secret shop. We got there a little early - hit the cafe across the street for a quick cup of coffee (the girls) and tea (me) - by the time we finished our drinks - the doors had opened and the store was already teeming with women (and men) looking for that fabulous deal.

It was so amazing - there were so many beautiful things - jackets - tops - skirts - dresses - purses and tons of could i narrow it down? Having gone through this enough - i know to start at one end and make my way to the other - although i did do a quick lap through the store to make sure that i wasn't passing up any major finds and leaving them to another girl to covet. I immediately snagged a pair of crystal adorned dolce & gabbana stilettos - gorgeous - then a pair of perfect manolo blahnik black heels - and a sexy pair of dior mules - all at a fraction of their original price. Meow.

I then moved on to more practical things - a giorgio armani blouse - a fitted donna karan long jacket - some darling rebecca beeson t-shirts - and an amazing - totally gorgeous yves saint laurent dress - for only $78!! I also picked up a darling pair a prada pumps - sort of spectator-ish - but sexy with a kitten heel and a pointed toe.

My sister called - wanted me to check to see if there were any shoes for her - i told her there was nothing of note in her size - and the things i did mention to her - she passed on...

We all pile into the dressing room - trading clothes - cooing over eachothers finds - swapping shoes and accessories - trying to figure out what to buy and what to put back. We make a few decisions - dress - and head back out. I head straight to the cashmere wraps and handbags - fendi - suede prada - jane fox - badgley mischka - chanel and a stunning yves saint laurent cigarette case that i would use for a purse. I narrow my choices down - grab a pair of jimmy choo sandles and a dior jacket and head back to the dressing room.

Rachel's already there - and looks incredible - truly - in the yves saint laurent dress i found - so i tell her she should buy it - i toss the D&G stiletto's to her - and the outfit is complete. Amazing. The outfit - at neiman's would be around $3000 - she bought it for under $200.

I decide on the armani blouse - the rebecca beeson t-shirts - the prada heels - the manolo heels - and a loro piana cashmere wrap - for under $300. Not bad - i'm very happy - and so are the other girls. They came away with more cashmere - dior mules - a prada bag - a fendi tote - a dior suit - and some other delicious things...

All in all - it was perfect - so needed - it couldn't have been better.

After shopping on Saturday - i started getting a headache - and by the time i got home - i had to lay down - my right temple was pounding. I took two advil - changed back into my comfy clothes and relaxed on the couch. I called rich and he told me to take a nap - he was going out to dinner with friends - so i decided a nap was best. I woke a little over an hour later - not much better - and spent the night on the couch. After going to bed early - i woke around 3am and couldn't get back to sleep - on a whim - i called rich - who - surprisingly was up - we chatted for a bit - and within a half hour - i fell back asleep...

Sunday was spent around the house - cleaning - doing laundry and relaxing - the headache was gone - but i didn't want to push it. Rich and i spent the evening on the phone - laughing and talking...i fell asleep with his voice in my ear. A great weekend - besides the headache - it was exactly what i needed.

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