Monday, March 14, 2005

Organized chaos

I haven't posted in some time - last week was hellish at work - end of quarter so all the sales executives are getting their deals in - which in turn means i'm working my ass off making sure what they present to the clients will win the business. No small task. Friday night i was so exhausted - i think i went to bed around 9:30pm...

I did manage to go to a charity cocktail party on wednesday night - at Shreve's - an amazing jewelry store - similar to Tiffany's - but it's locally owned. The cocktail party was fun - saw lots of girls i hadn't seen in ages - nibbled on some passed hors d'oeurves and sipped a glass of champagne while i perused the silent auction offerings. I bid on a half case of Chateau Potelle 1999 VSG Cabernet - completely undervalued at my bid of $100 (yay) - and then admired all the gorgeous baubles on display - tried on several necklaces - and then chatted with charity ball chair. The auction was ending so i made my way back to the area to check on my bid - and hello - i'm still the leading bid - fabulous! Suddenly - some girl in a dumpy dress squeaks an 'excuse me please' and squeezes in between me and my bid - just as Marni is collecting the bid sheets - she writes her name and out bids me by $10 dollars. She then turns and smiles at me - and squeaks another 'excuse me please' and disappears. I'm dumb-founded. Who was that? Who let her in? Why would she wear that dress? Was she actually wearing suntan pantyhose? Do they still make suntan pantyhose? Gia breaks my train of thought by asking if i won my wine to which i quickly respond - no, some little twit outbid me - she pouts for me and we both move up to the front to wait for the chairty ball chair to announce the numbers for the $5,000 diamond ring Shreve's was giving away.

5 (yes!)
7 (yes!)
5 (yes!!)
6 (YES!)
9 (YES!!!!)
8 (noooooooooooooo)

Gia lets out a shocked squeal and jumps up and down waving her ticket in the air.

She deserves it - i would have sold it - it looked estate-ish and that's not the style i like. So i give a round of air kisses to my dear friends and rush out the door to hail a cab and call rich. I bore him with the highlights of the evening - some bitch got my wine - the girls aren't as pretty as when i was in the group - Gia won the ring - air kisses - etc...

The rest of the week was basically me working, eating and sleeping - it was exhausting.

On saturday, my dad and i took my 4 year old nephew sammy to the USS Hornet - an aircraft carrier docked in Alameda - it was actually very cool - sammy wore his flight suit - decorated with real military patches from my dad's service in the marines - my dad wore his flight jacket - and we cruised around the hanger deck looking in old fighter planes - tomcats - helicopters - bombers - etc - we then went up to the flight deck and sammy and i pretended to repair the F-11 while my dad talked shop with the docents (the docents were made up primarily of men who had served on the USS Hornet when it was active) - we then took a tour of the air tower and made our way back down to the hanger deck. All the docents couldn't get enough of sammy - and they actually opened up one of the cockpits and allowed him to sit in the front seat - pretty awesome - and i've got the most darling picture of him smiling with his arm out the side of the cockpit giving me the 'thumbs up' signal. After a few purchases in the gift shop and a few more pictures of him standing next to the various planes we headed back to my sister's house. I made a quick retreat home to power nap as i had to head back there in a few short hours to babysit saturday night. It was a long day after a long week - and i fell into bed on saturday night - barely moving from the position i fell asleep in when i woke on sunday.

Sunday was easy - no agenda except to buy a new phone for my house - took rich with me (via cell) and shopped the various options at best buy. Bought what i needed - went grocery shopping - bought flowers - came home - cleaned - showered - relaxed - and talked to rich.

This week is looking like last week - to a lesser degree. I shouldn't be as crazed - hopefully.

All else is well - rich makes me happier beyond words and there's a calmness in my heart when i speak to him. I'm such a lucky girl. It's his birthday this week - weighing my options on a few choice presents...i'd divulge what they are here - but knowing he stops by on occasion - i wouldn't want to spoil the surprise. So i'll keep the secret until friday - or as long as i can...

Meow - K

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