Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Nothing terribly exciting to report - just the usual - still crazed at work - the weekend was really relaxing - didn't do much of anything except a little shopping and a mani/pedi - and spent some time with my parents.

I - joyfully - get to work from home on friday's now - fabulous! I called rich last friday afternoon teasing him with the fact that i was still in my nightie - after 1pm - lounging on my couch taking conf calls and wrapping up deals in my living room. Even though i was working all day - i still felt like i was playing hookie. Thank god i'm disciplined.

Heading to a wine tasting tonight at nectar - should be fun. I don't want to be out late - but i'll go - say hi to everyone and have a few tastes - i think we may be grabbing a little bite to eat afterwards - but i've already made it known that i want to be home by 9pm.

I'll talk about the wine tasting tomorrow...

Meow - K

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