Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Birthday presents

The last 2 weeks have been so hectic...barely able to catch my breath - thankfully this week isn't as bad - still major deadlines (my own personal march madness) - but rather than juggling 9 deals - i've put those 9 to bed and am now juggling only 5 new ones. I'll be so happy when it's april.

I'll just highlight the most important thing that happened over the last week which was rich's birthday last thursday. I knew i wanted to get rich a few things for his birthday - we'd gone shopping in Soho during my last trip and spied a lovely louis vuitton monogram glace leather key case - really handsome - understated - doesn't scream LV - but it's very elegant - there was also a stunning louis vuitton ink pen with black crocodile casing - amazingly beautiful - but at $1000 - a bit more than i wanted to spend. So i made a mental note of key case as an option for his birthday....

Went to a favorite store (men's) on chestnut - Jack's - and got him a great lacoste oxford - traditional - but lacoste is so hot now - it's a great hip addition to his wardrobe. I also purchased a very cool shirt by 7 diamonds - hip sort of retro print - really fun. Found a lovely black croc embossed leather frame and added one of the pictures we took in NY to it - along with the CD of all the pics from the monday in central park viewing the gates. I finally secured the key case as well - tracking one down relatively close to me (they're sold out everywhere) - and rushed to make that purchase and send his birthday care package on its way.

I had to bite my tongue for all of wednesday and thursday - i so wanted to tell him! I'm terrible at keeping secrets - but i really wanted it to be a surprise - so i forced myself. Thursday came and i wished him happiness love and success and tried to surprise him with a special dessert where he and his sister were having lunch - but the restaurant had already taken care of that - the benefits of being regulars ;) - when he got home - he called - having already opened the package i sent and was discovering all the treats. He was so surprised - he thought i was going to wait until i came to NY - or just send a card - so not me - birthday's mean shopping and i think we all know where i stand on that topic.

He loved the shirts (knew it) - loved the frame and all the pictures - loved the silly cigar bar baseball hat i got him - and chastised me on the key case - haha. I just kept telling him 'just say thank you baby' - and after a few more rounds of you shouldn't have - of course i should have - he finally said 'thank you baby'.

You're so very welcome honey.

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