Thursday, March 24, 2005


A group of us went to Myth last night for dinner. It was fabulous! It took over the space that used to house the restaurant MC2 - the disaster that Adi Dassler (adidas) poured money into for years - it had it's run - but it was so cold and austere that it never became a local favorite. The people behind Myth simply transformed this space - from uber-modern and stark to warm and lush.

While looking for parking - not an easy task at 6:30 and in that area - dilly calls and tells me that they're seated and waiting on me and 1 other. I give up on trying to find a place to park and hand my keys to the valet (so much easier...) - quick check in the mirror to make sure i look presentable - add a touch of gloss - head into the restaurant. I'm shocked - it's gorgeous. I poke my head around the corner - looking for my table - and the host comes up - asks me who i'm with - spots them and escorts me to my seat. Air kisses all around - a few quick hellos - and i'm seated.

Heidi is next to me and kevin and sirous are across from us - anna and sean are next to kevin - and dilly and leslie are next to heidi. There is only 1 spot open - at the head of the end of the table - and amy is making her way across town to join us. There are several bottles of wine on the table from the wineries we visited over the weekend. I settle in and begin looking at the menu - it's wonderful - everyone orders cocktails - but i pass and ask for a sparkling water with lime (so much more refreshing than lemon) instead. We decide on several appetizers - foie gras - escargot - and a delicious seafood timbale with avocado mousse - and by the time those arrive at the table - the cocktails are finished and the first round of wine is being poured.

Amy arrives shortly after the first glasses are poured - and settles in after her own hellos. Neither heidi nor i can decide between the salmon and the monkfish - both kevin and sirous are having the new york steak - someone is ordering the scallops - someone else the striped bass - another new york steak. More wine is poured and the talking resumes - the wine tasting trip - the hook-ups - the trip to the ski cabin planned for april - my trip to NY in the next few weeks - my impending move to NY in the fall - sirous buying an engagement ring for his girlfriend - and who was that hot, beautifully dressed woman - sitting all alone - in the booth across from us. There was a lot of back and forth - but it heated up when her date arrived - after 45 minutes of her sitting alone. He was older (my first assumption - he must have 'lots' of money) - well dressed - not handsome - but not unattractive - they were familiar but not overly affectionate - we couldn't decide whether she was a highly paid 'date' - or perhaps she was 'kept' - or if she was just a gold-digger - but the pair did not match up - and it was fairly obvious what each was getting out of the situation. Amy comes back from taking a call and sits down - gasps - and mouths to the table - 'oh my god - that's my CEO!' Amy works for one of the largest internet portal companies - i won't say who here or give any clues - because any clue would give it away. Sufficed to say - huge scandal. God i love a good scandal. Meow!

Entrees are eaten - the monkfish was phenomenal - heidi loved the salmon and both kevin and sirous ate every bit of their new york steak - everyone else loved their dishes as well. We go through the second bottle of wine with dinner and amy orders the third off the wine list. I've stopped at a glass and a half - i have my car at valet - and drinking and driving is absolutely not okay. At this point it's nearing 9pm - we've already been at the restaurant for nearly 3 hours - and we haven't even ordered dessert yet. Our plates are cleared and the dessert menus passed - and the table is deciding what to partake in - i'm pretty much done at this point - so i hand the waiter my visa and ask him to charge $70 for my portion of the bill. Perfect. Once the desserts and espressos land at our table - i'm out - make my round of the table - with hugs and kisses - and then head for the door. Once i'm behind the wheel and safely on my way - i call rich and tell him about the evening - such fun - gorgeous new space - great food - internet dalliance - and all the good gossip. Great night.

Can't wait to see everyone again - most likely this weekend - but definitely at a wine tasting event next tuesday at nectar lounge - featuring cantena winery - should be fabulous.

I finally get to meet my darling friend jax's tiny new bundle - born in january - cassidy rose - i'll spend some time with her on saturday before she and her husband head back to DC. I sent her a yummy cashmere baby blanket and matching sweater when she was born - and wanted to get her something else - and rich and i had this back and forth about a tiffany baby spoon - i think it's a gorgeous gift - something you'll have forever - that yes, may in fact end up in the bottom of a drawer or closet - but still gorgeous nonetheless. So we went back and forth several times - and i ultimately decided that something more baby friendly would be a better gift. I ended up at baby gap - and bought the most darling outfit and sleepy thing - a little white terry hoodie with matching terry shorts - and an adorable flowered onesie to go under it - as well as a pink sleepy outfit - entirely too cute - i have to admit - a much better choice than the spoon.

Time for me to go - deals to be dealt with - K

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