Friday, March 04, 2005

Needing my fix

I'm in dire need of some retail therapy. So, thankfully - one of my favorite stores (name to be withheld due to the fact that it's a semi-secret among those in the know and i don't like to share my fabulous finds with the masses) is having a huge sale - starting saturday. Now - this top secret super sexy shop stocks all the current and last season over-runs from Bergdorf Goodman's - Barney's - Bendel - etc - so the clothes are massively discounted - and then add another 30% off and i'm in Mecca.

It starts Saturday - early - like 9am - and there is literally a line of fashionistas around the block - clamoring to get it - get that gorgeous Galliano gown at 80% off - that chic Chanel suit for near to nothing - that Donna Karan cashmere top coat for what it would cost to buy dinner at Nobu - that darling Jane Fox tote for the cost of a round of cocktails. God i love Jane Fox - her bags are just so fabulous.

Some of the fabulous finds - and unfortunate misses:

Sexiest Balenciaga top - black silk - backless - basically frontless too - barely covers what it needs to - but still looks amazingly elegant (albeit unbelievably sexy) when paired with a black chic suit - or - as i did over the holidays - a fitted white satin jacket ... i think this top - originally around $6oo - i bought for $30.

Loro Piana cashmere wrap - one of her fall/winter patterned wraps - gorgeous - warm chocolate browns - dark greens - creams - and subtle shades of reds - i bought it for my mom for christmas - it's so yummy - i think like 6 ply of the lightest airiest cashmere you can ever bundle up in - a paltry $69 - and when i went to neiman's that afternoon - to finish my shopping - there it was - on 'sale' - for over $950. Fabulous find.

Judith Leiber crystal clutch - so incredibly gorgeous - a rounded rectangle of multi-colored crystals - in a spring time floral pattern of pastels - seriously beautiful - and you know her handbags start around $1200 - the one i was coveting had the price tag - from Bergdorf Goodman still attached - $2400 - and the price was reduced to $245 - it did have several crystals missing - but i had to have it - i would just send it back to judith leiber for repair. Well, i set if down for a minute to fix my then boyfriend's collar (he became a fan of their men's shop) and this Bitch - swiped it from me! i turned around - it was gone and she was at the register paying for it. I hate her. My favorite lieber clutch - currently - is her 'nocturnal bloom minaudiere' - stunning - check it out at

John Galliano white silk gown - incredibly beautiful - perfect - over $2000 - down to a mere $200 something - i was trying to get my dear girlfriend jax to buy it - and it fit her like custom couture - like it was made for her - but she passed on it - bought a prada bag instead. The dress is in the movie 'the anniversary party' - great movie if you haven't seen it - a character in the movie puts it on...much to the shock of jennifer jason leigh (lead with alan cummings playing her husband) - really, go rent the movie if you haven't seen's just so good.

Donna Karan black sequined backless top - gorgeous - very flirty - and the sequins are squares which i think is very cool - it ties in the back with the thinest black satin cord - so sexy. I've worn that top to several events - and many nights out...i think it was around $30 down from $350.

Gucci caramel colored leather jackie-o bag - perfect condition - total classic - piston closure - silver hardware - love that bag - i think i paid $75 or $100 - down from probably $800.

So it's simply the best kept secret ever - and i'm so excited to go - trust me - it's the only thing that is going to get me up and out of bed at 8am on a saturday - especially after a week like this...


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