Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Broken Resolutions

Good lord - i've already botched my new year's resolutions...well at least 2 of them - the gym and spending frivolously. Now - the gym was really placed on the list as a sort of tip of the hat - - as nod for good measure - to round the list out with resolutions of past years gone unattained...and let's face it - the 'gym' resolution has topped the list for many many years.

Rich called me extrodinarily lazy once - thought that was terribly funny. And it's not so much lazy - as it is i've got so many other things i need to be doing - want to be doing - that the gym is more of a suggestion than an actual resolution.

Now that i've adequately explained my laziness away - on to the actual resolution that i've already botched - frivolous spending. I went on a tiny binge over the last few days. Bought some fab-U-lous things (truly, so darling) - and didn't feel any guilt about it while i was in the midst of it all. But now - looking at the new items in my home - hanging in my closet - sparkling and glittery - i can't help but feel (ever so slightly) that i should take some of my pretty new things back from where they came.

And i can't decide...i love them all. However, in light of my recent resolution (damn new years) i'm thinking the Victoria's Secret purchases can be returned - and the Saks purchases - and the Nordstrom purchase - but that's it. Maybe, mayyyyybe the West Elm purchase. This is terrible.

Did you know that if you purchase something from Victoria's Secret online - you cannot return it to one of their stores? I rudely found that out a few weeks ago. Sorry miss, but we don't accept online returns, we're 3 seperate companies. Well, had i known that i wouldn't have bought the robe. So now i have to pack this robe up (ill fitting - bad pattern - ultimately, not sexy) and send it back before it goes on sale. Not fun.

It's obviously not as dire as i'm making it out to be - i just suppose it would be easier if i hadn't purchased all these yummy things to begin with...


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