Sunday, January 23, 2005

Sip Sip Sip

I thought 'sip sip sip' was more appropriate than 'swoosh swoosh swoosh' as i didn't swoosh at all. But I did sip - quite a bit. It was such a fun weekend! Tahoe is incredibly beautiful - the cabin was fabulous (3 story home with a sauna and a hotub - and literally 100 yards from the ski lift at the base of Heavenly) - and the gambling was entirely too good a time.

I did a little last-minute shopping to prepare for the weekend on thursday (soft pink velour hoodie, silk belt that looks like a man's tie, cashmere socks, and some other yummy things) - and then Kevin, Dilly and Sunny picked me up on Friday around 1pm and we headed up to Tahoe. We got there around 4:30 - stopped at Safeway for some food - and headed to the cabin. Kevin and I picked the 2 bedrooms on the second floor - Dilly chose the loft - and we left the downstairs bedroom from Anna and Shawn and the first floor bedroom for Tony and Michelle - all of whom came later that evening.

We unpacked, started mixing cocktails and waited for the others to arrive. Tony and Michelle showed up first, put their stuff down and joined us for drinks in the living room. After a cocktail they decided to go rent their snowboards that night rather than suffer the morning crowds - so they took off with Sunny to go reserve their gear. While they were out, they went on another food/drink run at Safeway and picked up dinner. When they get back from the trip to the store - Dilly Kevin and i are in the hotub - god did that feel good. The others joined us and once we all got out - had dinner - and a few more drinks - it was off to the casinos!!

We hit Harrahs to play blackjack and roulette - and had fun cheering eachother on. Kevin and i also hit the slots. By the time we all had our fill of cocktails it was around 1am. We cabbed back to the house and said hello to Anna and Shawn who had arrived around 11pm.

The morning came early (for a Saturday) with everyone up and getting their coffee and their ski clothes on. I made a few calls to the Casino spas to see if they could fit me in for a massage and other treatments once everyone left for the slopes. Unfortunately they could only fit me in late or not at all - so i passed on a spa treatment (dammit) and went for a long walk (getting lost was actually fun) - took a hot tub - and a long hot shower. By the time all of that was complete - Michelle came back from snowboarding (her first time - and her last from what she told me) and she and i went back to the grocery store for a final food/drink run - when we returned Kevin had returned and helped us in with our goodies. Everyone else arrived soon after - and we began dinner preparations - tri-tip steak - potatoes - grilled chicken - salad - and appetizers. Once that was finished we all headed back to the casinos.

Kevin decided that we - as a group - were going to take over a craps table - and that we did. I've never really played craps - blackjack is my game for the most part - but i took a spot next to Kevin and he told me what to do each play. I rolled the dice after him...and rolled and rolled and rolled and rolled and made a ton of people a TON of money - including myself. I asked the men next to me (not with our group) - who were winning on nearly every roll when i could stopped rolling - and then said - or nearly yelled - in unison - 'you don't!' - i guess when you're winning as much as they were - you don't want the person who's winning you that money to stop.

But all good things must come to an end...and after a few more 'shooter's - the table went cold and our group moved on to other tables. Eventually we split up - some of us going home and others to another casino. We ended up at this one casino that was so wretched - terrible (not my idea) - and we went to this horrible blues club - ugly people everywhere - when my phone rang (thank god for rich calling!!) i ran out of that club so fast i lost my shoe - haha - i couldn't get out of there fast enough - what a pit. We played a few rounds of blackjack and then Michelle and i cabbed back to the house - Kevin and Tony stumbled in close to 5am...both having made significant 'donations' to several of the casinos around town.

This morning i woke up to the sound of the football game - some playoff thingy is going on - so all the boys were up and gathered around the tv. I cooked breakfast for everyone - scrambled eggs - biscuits - sausage (ick) and home fries - they all seemed to enjoy it. After breakfast i went back to bed for a little nap - talked to rich on the phone for a few - and then gathered my clothes/etc together and we all headed back to San Francisco.

It was such fun. It was a great weekend - so needed. The only thing that was missing was rich.

Must go - too tired to type any more.


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