Friday, January 28, 2005

Rainy day

It's been raining all day - on and off - torrential downpour to an almost mist - i love it. There was something about the rain today - the way it smelled that reminded me of spending my childhood summers at our house in Hawaii. It's so beautiful - 1 block off from the beach in Kahala on Oahu - gorgeous corner lot with a huge swimming pool and even larger gardens on the grounds surrounding the home. The entire back of the house opens up via large sliding glass walls - so dramatic - yet retaining an 'island' feel. We used to go swimming at midnight - in the dark - and all you could see were the millions of stars and the tops of the palms swaying in the breeze. I had gardenia bushes right outside my window - and the smell would waft into my bedroom in the early morning - i have to say - it's the loveliest way to wake. All summer long we would swim and play - hang out at the Outrigger with our 'summer' friends...i can't imagine a nicer way to spend summer as a child. I have the best memories from those days...i'm so glad it rained today.

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