Monday, January 24, 2005

Life gets in the way

I absolutely hate when that happens - when i'm strolling along - happy and content in my life and my surroundings - and my kitten-heeled mule gets stuck in a grate or a crack in the sidewalk and pulls me back to reality...well - today - life was the grate and my trip to NY at the end of this week was my darling prada mule. I've postponed my trip to the weekend after valentine's day - we're both just too busy to make it work this week. Dammit.

I have to cancel another appt with Andre - he will not be happy - you know how temperamental those in-demand stylists can be...dammit again.

I was so looking forward to being in NY - being with Rich (god i love that man). We had dinner plans with friends on friday night - gotham bar and grill i think - and then i believe lunch plans saturday with another group of friends. Hate to disappoint. I wanted to go to Nobu as well. And don't get me started on the shopping - Bendel's - Barney's - Donna Karan - Bergdorf's - so many others - it's just not fair.

I hate to wait - i hate not being able to see him when i want - and i can't believe i won't be boarding a plane thursday morning - and falling asleep in his arms thursday night. While i'm stamping my feet and pouting - it is for the best - we both agree - and we're both disappointed - we want to be together - and it's just distance that is keeping us from that - from being with each other - in a tangible, tactile and enveloping way - daily...

Dammit (again and again and again).

On a happy note - i did talk to my director about transferring to NY and he didn't seem to have an issue with it - i can work out of the NY office - and that the sept/oct timeframe is perfect.

I've also spoken with several friends and they're all putting me in touch with their brokers - to facilitate finding an apartment that is 'me'...hmmm - 'me' apt details include : 1 bedroom with a terrace and a fireplace - renovated with a fabulous kitchen and modern bathroom - doorman building with a full gym on property. I don't think that will be too difficult to find... ;-)

So while i go retrieve my darling little mule from the grate - i'll make sure to gingerly step around the obstacles from now on...

Must get back to work - just got aligned with yet another deal - K


Anonymous said...

Do you want to know true happiness?

Anonymous said...

OMG what the hell is wrong with the jeezus thumper there no respite from their horseshit? (look! I'm swearing! Just like you said!--LOL)

Boogie said...

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