Monday, January 31, 2005

Musings - part II

I've been really into drinking tea lately - specifically the Wild Sweet Orange tea that Tazo Tea makes - it's so good (and caffeine free - i don't drink anything with caffeine) - it's just delicious. I've also been drinking green tea a bit - not a huge fan - but it's not terrible. I have a cup of chamomile next to me now that i'm letting cool - it tastes like pot pourri flavored wood chips - definitely not a fan of this... it's wretched actually. It just went into the garbage. Awful. I think i'm going to need to bring my own tea to the office - easiest to avoid another wood chip incident.

I recently saw the Baccarat Frivole necklace - the Primavera edition - wow - so unbelieveably's a limited edition of 100...and i can see why - so stunning - dainty and feminine - simply gorgeous. I also love their Galet ring and the butterfly and heart necklaces. Lovely. If you get the chance go to their website and take a peek. I think they also have crystal warming stones, if i remember correctly - in the shape of animals - a rabbit, a bear, a cat - their sole purpose is to warm the hands - how decadent is that...i think i'll get my mom the rabbit for mother's day.

I'm making my plans and reservations for NY - can't wait. Such fun. I may stay an extra day given that it's President's weekend and we have monday off - that would be phenomenal. Reconnected with my girl friend Lani - she and her fiance (getting married on March 5) - live in Brooklyn - i think we're going to meet for cocktails when i'm back in a few weeks. She's so excited that i'm moving - so great to know i'll have some wonderful girl friends in NY when i finally move there in the fall. I'm also looking into joining the museum, ballet, symphony, opera leagues - doing the same sort of charity/art/culture party & fundraising circuit that i do in SF in NY. I think that will give me a sense of balance and continuity - which reminds me - wine tasting charity event at the W this thursday - can't forget that...

Have to run - conference fun fun


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