Thursday, January 06, 2005

Frivolous, yet so necessary

This is what i'm talking about with the spending...i have this pair of shoes i love (L.O.V.E.) - they're fabulous - sexy but not too sexy - i can wear them to work but they transition easily into a night of going out - i wear them all the time. They're 3 inch mules with a skinny heel - pointed toe - black lizard with a tiny bit of silver detail in the form of a modern and sleek thin clasp and same black lizard strap that serves no purpose other than to make the shoe interesting.

Now, initially i bought 2 pair - which is normal for me - if i love something i ususally purchase 2 (or more - depends on what it is...) - especially with shoes as i'm rather hard on them and i tend to go for the high sexy strappy numbers rather than something - let's say - more're much more likely to find me at BCBG, Banana Republic, Zara and Bergdorf Goodman than you would ever - say - find me at Ann Taylor. Ann Taylor to me is like Garanimals for adults - if the tag is blue - then it goes with this line - well the same mentality goes for Ann Taylor - if you like this look (dull, shapeless, styleless suit) then we've got plenty of boring shells to pair it with...but i digress...back to my fabulous shoes ;) ... so as i was saying - i initally bought 2 pair. Then - i saw them again and i purchased a third pair (they really are this darling) and then - then - i bought a fourth pair this past weekend. Those i'm not returning.

I stomped all over NY in those fabulous shoes - they look great with my boot cut jeans and equally as fabulous with my little black suit. I'm not a dress/skirt girl (and mind you - rich has been prodding me for months to wear a skirt...he loves that skirt - knee high black boot combo...i think i'll surprise him when i head back to NY in 3 weeks) i'm more of a suit girl. I think they're sexier. Much sexier.

There's nothing better than a fabulous pair of shoes - except maybe...

1. Loro Piana black cashmere throw

2. The Luella bag

3. David Yurman's ice line of jewelry

4. Judith Ripka's entire jewlery line (oh my...seriously OH MY)

5. Andre at the John Barrett Salon at Bergdorf Goodman cutting your hair and giving you all the juicy gossip

6. Opus One 1997 cabernet served in the Reidel "O" series tumblers

7. The Louis Vuitton Lenore bag (love!)

8. The entire YSL spring line - so gorgeous

9. Agent Provacateur lingerie - sexy sexy

10. Jack and Candy's 'Liz' necklace - gorgeous!

Hmmm - i think i have more shopping to do! meow!


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Tamara said...

HA HA HA , you are too funny. I like you, even if you are a clothes whore :) Oh, and well, all I can say is Rich will have no need to guess the sort of thing you like, he has a shoppping list right here. :)