Monday, January 03, 2005

Decisions Decisions Decisions

I've been looking at apartments in NY - Upper EastSide - Upper Westside - Midtown - Soho/Tribeca/Nolita. I would love a loft. It's so quintessentially NY. The exposed brick - floor to ceiling windows - expansive floor plan - renovated warehouses turned into luxurious havens. It's the way i've always dreamed of living in NY. I pretty much go back and forth - from the somewhat bohemian-chic loft dweller to the Park Avenue darling - how do i want to live...

I have no idea which area of NY i want to live in - my boyfriend keeps telling me that i'll be happier in the Upper Eastside or the Upper Westside. He says it's more 'me'. I suppose it is. And i'll be closer to him - which - considering i'm moving across the country to be with him - is a good thing. I can't see moving to NY and then having to take a 20 minute cab ride every time i want to see Rich.

He sent me a NY Post article today stating that the prices of lofts in Soho/Tribeca has sky-rocketed 22% this past year. The average price of a loft - to rent - in that area is around $5000 - and to buy - is over $1.4M. Now, while i do well, I certainly can't afford $5K in rent per month - so i think i'm going to be an UES girl for the time being - a Park Avenue darling. Not too bad...
I'm heading back to NY in 3 weeks - i can't wait - each time i go - i feel more and more at home - more and more like it's my home - like it's where i'm supposed to be. When we first started dating - the idea of moving was so daunting - but the more time i spend with Rich - the less i want to be without him.
I'm the lucky one ** rich, are you reading this baby... ;-) ** - I'm the lucky one!
The future preens and poses
our life together
A glimpse and whisper
In awe of you

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Anonymous said...

I don't where or when or how, I'll love you anywhere you are :-)