Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Daily Candy

Every day when i get to work there are emails from a website called "daily candy" - i get both the CA and NY version - and i have to say - it's the best way to start my morning! They collect the most fabulous tidbits about each city - the newest, most darling shops, the chicest new places to eat, the best places to enjoy/visit/see (hello Jimmy Choo Sample Sale!) and package this little gem in an email complete with hip illustrations and links to the highlighted daily 'candy'. It's truly fabulous! I love this because as busy as i am (despite my recent (and usually regular) shopping excursions) - they do all the work for you - they find these places that i wouldn't necessarily know about and it's like having a really fabulous friend telling you about the coolest new places to go...not too bad ;)

So i went back to those stores - not all - just Victoria's Secret and Nordstrom - and returned the lovely things i bought over the i'm wondering do i get to start my resolution over (it's only been 5 days into the new year) - or have i blown it...something to ponder. I may go back to Saks and take that amber vase back to West Elm as well - but i haven't decided yet. I don't think i have to take 'everything' back - because simply buying one thing isn't frivolous - and i really do love that vase.

Rich and i were IMing today while at work - and i have to say - no one makes me laugh quite as much as he does. He's an amazing man - darling and generous - and i love him so... I can't wait until we get to start our lives together in NY...


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