Monday, January 17, 2005

Surreal Life, confidence and sex appeal

I bought 3 more pair of shoes and 3 new CD's - the new gwen stefani - the newish george michael and jamie cullum (check out track 9 - his version of 'high and dry' - it's awesome). I bought some other things - oh goodness - make that 4 pair of shoes (damn). There is this darling little top at Banana Republic as well that i'm thinking of getting - when my sister and i were shopping on monday (took the car into the shop and 'worked' from home) - we both beelined for the same top - and they have this wrap dress in the same pattern that we both also loved.

I've been watching the newest Surreal Life on VH1 - and wow - Peter Brady (Christopher Knight) looks fabulous! My friend Kelly used to date him - we all went out a few times and i have to say - he was the nicest guy - i remember him being great - and smart and funny - but i don't remember him being sexy like that. The whole Brady thing was a non-topic - no one mentioned it - ever. Well, we never mentioned it - but everyone else did. I remember 1 time we were out and the cocktail waitress ignored all of us except for him - and every time she came by would ask if 'peter' wanted anything. Ridiculous. He was awesome though - very cool guy.

There is something that happens when you grow up - when you become comfortable with who you are - within your own skin - and what happens - at least in my opinion - is that you become infinitesimally more sexy. I think that is what has happened with Christopher Knight - he grew up - he became his own person - became a man - and wow - there's the sexiness. There's a lot to be said for confidence (not arrogance) - it's terribly sexy. Smart is also very sexy - to me - there is nothing sexier than a smart confident funny man. Meow.

Check out my boyfriend's blog - he's also a smart confident funny man...which of couse makes him infinitessimally sexy ;-)


Boogie said...

There's nothing more infinitessimally sexy than a smart, confident, funny woman with great taste :-)

Tamara said...

gag :)