Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Light & Breezy

I was a little cranky earlier (thus my earlier post today of things that have been annoying me recently - or just in general) - but that mood has subsided - thankfully - and i'm feeling much better. A little retail therapy never hurts...

I bought my adorable nephew sammy a shirt from Dylan's Candy Bar in NY. When you're on the upper east side of Manhattan - stop by Dylan's it's phenomenal - truly - i mean who wouldn't want to give a friend a 'willy wonka' chocolate bar with the golden ticket inside! I brought sammy back a hat from Dylan's last time i was in NY - but when he saw that i also brought his little (3 months little) brother a shirt - he insisted that i bring him one back the next time i go. Well, the next time i went - i never made it to Dylan's - so i went online this afternoon and bought the shirt for him...

I'm supposed to be going to Tahoe this weekend with a group of friends to go skiing. Well, I don't ski - but i do 'lodge'. My guy friends even joke that i probably have a fake cast for my leg to elicit sympathy and cocktails from the boys coming down off the slopes. Hmmmm, not a bad idea.

Not sure i'm going skiing though - i'm heading to NY the week after - and our cabin (right at the base of Heavenly with a hotub - meow) is entirely too short of a cab ride to the casino's. I shouldn't be near the casino's - i always win a ton of money - and then - wanting to win even more - i end up losing. So - in order to hit the stores in a manner that i'm accustomed to in NY - i best not lose a significant amount of money. Hmmm - blackjack vs. bergdorf - that's a hard choice!

One note to the ladies - i have to say this as so many girls i know these days are having some sort of issue with the men in their lives (or the men potentially coming into their lives) - remember these words: Light & Breezy.

Be light & breezy in emails - on the phone - in person - let them do the chasing - let the boy be the boy - it's so very important. Be mysterious. Leave them wanting more. OOh - and wear yummy perfume and fabrics that beg to be touched like cashmere - velvet - silk. Almost forgot - wear matching bras and panties - i think it just feels better - and trust me - the boys love matching... ;-) -- but most of all - most of all - light & breezy.

Must go - K

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