Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I'm supposed to be going to a new SF restaurant with Kevin, Dilly et al tonight - not sure if i'm going to go - would rather go get a mani/pedi and then stay home - give myself a facial and relax. That sounds perfect actually. I may just have to do that.

I think it's pretty funny that i got a comment on my blog about finding true happiness at ''. I'm jewish, i'm not a bible-beater and truly know nothing about christianity or catholicism...and even as a jew - i believe i'm more spiritual than i am following an organized religion - i fully and wholly believe in god - and am also incredibly proud of and honored by my jewish heritage - but i don't necessarily believe that i have to stand in a temple or kneel at an alter to pray to him or validate those beliefs. So to whomever told me happiness was at - thanks, but i prefer to find happiness in my own way...

I was supposed to be flying to NY tomorrow morning - sad that i'm not going. I want to be there. I should be there. I'm not pouting anymore - but i still feel rather disjointed - wating for that to pass. I'll have to treat myself to something pretty and decadent this weekend...retail therapy - amen!

A few of the things that i love:

  • Silk patterned pillows from Restoration Hardware
  • The Palmer Ottoman in leather, the Crosby Stool and the Crystal Block Lamps from Williams Sonoma Home - Fine, fine, fine - everything from Williams Sonoma Home - it's all gorgeous - it's too hard to choose
  • The Reidel decanter
  • The Orrefors Pastillo Mini crystal bowl
  • Dyptique candles
  • Cashmere and silk sleeping mask with matching pillow
Those are decadent enough to make me somewhat less pouty at not seeing rich this weekend...


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