Sunday, January 30, 2005

Where does the time go

It's sunday night - it always goes entirely too quickly. I woke this morning thinking that it was Monday - momentary panic while i reached for the alarm clock - and then fell back into the pillows realizing it was Sunday...ahhh. I curled back up under the covers and fell back asleep for several hours only to be brought out of my sleep with the sound of my phone ringing and rich on the other end. I love hearing his voice in the morning.

I spent the day relaxing and running some errands on Chestnut Street - got a mani/pedi - went to Two Skirts and bought a darling little cashmere sweater - got my hair cut - then went to my sister's house where my mom and dad were watching the babies - hung out for a while - played with the little monkeys - then left when they got home. Went to dinner last night with Kevin and Dilly to a great steakhouse called Izzy's - while i don't eat red meat - i'll still go - they have great shrimp - mmmm - dinner was amazing - had 3 glasses of pinot noir and came home - comfortably buzzed - and called rich to hear his voice and tell him i love him.

Rich and i both had to go through a lot to find eachother - and while he always says that he wishes the past 2.5 years hadn't happened - for him - i'm glad they did - certain things happen in your life and teach you - what you want - where you want to be - and who you want to be with...we both had to go through hell (or varying degrees therein) to get where we are today - and i wouldn't trade it - and i know he wouldn't either. We've found eachother - and that's all that matters.

I love this man - and if we both had to deal with difficult (that's putting it nicely) people to get to 'now' - then it was worth it...i've never felt more loved - i've never been more content - i've never felt more at home in his arms - i can definitively say - i'm the happiest i've ever been.

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